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Our Lhasa Babies
We breed for health and temperament.  We do our best to insure our babies go to forever homes. This is a special breed suitable for households with responsible, loving, and gentle families. 
These babies have brought so much joy to our lives. They are very intelligent, loyal and very loving. They are true members of our family. Choosing to give one of their pups a forever home should not be a decision taken lightly. This is a very special breed and cared for properly can live 15-18 years. There are definitely special grooming requirements.  Whether kept in full coat or kept in a puppy cut. They must be brushed frequently and properly to avoid matted fur.  They can be very sensitive so no harsh words, please. Only positive re-enforcement is needed. They tend to be a little stubborn but are very quick learners.  If you decide this is the breed for you, You will certainly be getting a new best friend!  We have absolutely fallen in love with this breed.
Marx "Slinky"
"I was the first Lhasa in this family. (I made them fall in love with Lhasas.) I am 14 years old as of June 10, 2016. I pretty much just eat and sleep and soak up loving most of the day. I am neutered.  I love to sit on my mommy's lap or at her feet. As long as I am close to her, I am happy."
Our Sire....
Marx Captain "Jack" Sparrow
 19 champions in his 5-generation pedigree! He is just a doll. The sweetest thing you ever saw! We love him so much.  

Marx "Layla Belle"45 champions in her 5-generation pedigree! Her daddy is an AKC champion! She has a very sweet temperament!
New summer haircut
All our babies are purebred AKC with papers !
Marx "Roxie" Road Sundae
(Dam) Best little kisser! 

Our Females...
Our Males...
Before his first haircut.

Marx "Lana" Lang Her daddy is our very own Jack and her momma is our sweet Layla! Sweetest dog ya ever met! She is 4 years old and spayed.
2 1/2  years old with a short haircut.
6 months old before her first summer cut. 
Her coat has really lightened up. Typical of a Lhasa Apso
Layla's babies born 10/30/14
ATTN: We have decided to retire our girls and will no longer be breeding. The girls are healthy and happy and have always been part of our family and will continue to live out the rest of their lives with us. They are older now and life is busy. (We have 2 new granddaughters now!) Feel free to email us with any questions or keep in touch if you have one of our babies. It has truly been a lot of fun! ~ A LOT of work, but a LOT of fun as well! Thank you to all of you who have given one of ours a forever home!