We breed  ONLY AKC Lhasa Apsos. 

The babies are raised in our home and come pre-spoiled, and well socialized. We have 3 children: 23,20 and 16, and 2 granddaughters, so our dogs and puppies are used to being around children. 
We paper train for 4 weeks. and then we crate train when the pups are old enough to go potty outside. We keep our pups until 12 weeks of age. We have learned over the years that keeping them this long, ensures a better transition to their new homes. They are better socialized, most are pretty well potty trained and crate trained. 
Lhasas can tend to be slower to mature physically so not all their teeth are in at 8 weeks and our babies are just weaning and eating softened food at 7-8 weeks. This gives them another month to really get used to eating dry food. We have always chosen to feed our dogs and puppies high quality food. Beginning in March 2018 we switched our dogs over to raw food! We love it and our dogs do too. No corn, wheat, fillers,etc in their food. We highly recommend it.  :)

Please contact us with questions about our family of Lhasas. We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers.
About Us

We are small breeders in Texas. We have been raising Lhasa Apsos since 2002. We have two breeding females, two spayed females, one male (sire), and one neutered male Lhasa. Incase you lost count, that's 6 in all. We breed for health and temperament. Our Lhasas are very healthy, happy, and loving members of our family.
Lhasa Babies
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